#Covid19 : Utilisation de l'ozone pour le traitement des surface et volumes

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Depuis plusieurs semaines, l'ozone est plébiscité pour la destruction des bactéries et dess virus dans l'air, et par saturation, sur les surfaces.

Est ce sans risques, vraiment, même en suivant les protocoles ?

Ozone is one of the best sanitiser products. Better than chlorine or OH-.
But, ozone is dangerous for the healthy. 
Below, you could fine some links about this gas. 
1) "Ozone and Indoor Air Quality: Interactions with building product" 
Fundamental research, what a doctor has found.  
"Outdoor ozone from humans and industrial activities, have a real negative impact on the indoor air quality. (VOC)"
What about chemical air quality after this kind of technology ?
2)  INRS (Institut national de recherche et de sécurité - National institute for research and security)
What INRS said : 
"Ozone causes severe lung damage due to its irritant action. These effects may result in emphysema, pulmonary edema or nonspecific bronchial hyperreactivity."
"Chronic exposure causes emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis. Its action on macrophages promotes sensitivity to infections. Lesions severe pulmonary (from low doses) are observed in rats as well as hematological lesions"
"Ozone induces gene mutations on different types of strains and cells, both in vitro and in vivo."
Do you want to work with this kind of technology ???
It is a french organism who controls factories and offices for employees to be healthy. 
When there is a trubble on an office about air quality, CARSAT controls ozone from laser printers... 
So, ALFAA France use to manufacture ozone plant for industrial application. That why we don't whant to use this technology in the tertiary sector !